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This is one of the many reasons why Charlotte NC.

Matthews NC is within Mecklenburg County, which means that it is a viable place to qualify for North Carolina’s first-time homebuyers program. The first-time homebuyers program allows for new upcoming homeowners to really get a great deal on their home. In fact, I have heard about Realtors finding homes that actually pay the new homebuyer money to become a homeowner. This new home buying program has helped many residents concentrate more on the repairs that the homes need. It actually provides money for Matthews roofing NC contractors like myself to come out to your home, do an inspection, and do any repairs that need to be done.

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This is one of the many reasons why Charlotte NC and the surrounding cities are such great places to live. The loan is supposed to provide 1,000 new homeowners this year alone the ability to purchase homes with ease. Being a Matthews Roofing NC contractor allows us to take better care of new homeowners and show them the ropes especially with this new loan. It has helped us a lot because we can spend more time with the customer as they have more buying power with us.

Making sure that you have as much equity in the home is very important, which is something a great real estate agent can provide during your home search. You want a realtor that has connections within the home improvement industry so that if repairs do have to be done then we as a Matthews NC roofing contractor can handle it with ease, and without hesitation. Also, we at Evergreen are really good at referring out multiple contractors to others as we have established quite a large network, because we want to help other local business owners as well.

This new loan is only for Mecklenburg County and a couple other counties within the NC area, so if you are looking to move to this area, you better move fast. When you do move, or are looking to make that move, ensure that you have a Matthews NC roofing contractor as your roofing system is one of the biggest assets to a home. A new Matthews NC roof replacement can add a ton of value to your home, and allow you sell for top dollar or set your mind at ease when you go to purchase.

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