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Be Wary of the Unsolicited  Workman

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals show up on the scene after a major storm to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners. These individuals often try to pass themselves off as contractors, but all too often they are nothing more than an individual with a hammer, a ladder, and a pick-up truck but lack the experience, equipment or even motive to deliver what they were paid for. These people have been known to do inferior work or just take the money and run. The hapless homeowner often cannot find the worker who did the shoddy work, much less get the work completed to the proper standards.

Quality local roofing contractors, such as Evergreen Construction Solutions, have a vested interest in delivering a quality product. They are not here today and gone tomorrow. Their business is in Charlotte, and they serve Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Consequently, they must deliver superior services to stay in business. Word of mouth, good or bad, is a major factor in a businesses’ success.

Moreover, a local roofing contractor can offer a better product at a lower price because the overhead is lower. For example, if a contractor is hired from a distant area, the contractor will have to supply his crew with living quarters and a food allowance. This of course increases the contractor’s cost, which is passed on to you. You may argue that you hired the out of town contractor because he offered a lower price. If that is the case, look closely at what you are getting.

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Local Roofing Contractors Must Deliver a Quality Product to Stay in Business.

Evergreen Construction Solutions is a local roofing contractor that is dedicated to delivering a quality product to their customers. Since they are local, Evergreen must take care of their customers to stay in business. So, if you need routine construction or repair on your roof, call Evergreen Construction Solutions. If an emergency occurs and your home is damaged, be wary of the contractor who drives up in your yard with nothing more than a ladder and a hammer. Contact Evergreen Construction Solutions, a local roofing contractor. In addition, Evergreen has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been screened by Home Advisor.

Reputable Local Roofing Contractors: When roof repair, replacement, or construction is needed, local roofing contractors are your best bet.  Evergreen Construction Solutions is an established local roofing company that you can trust. Why use a local roofing contractor? First, it is easier to check them out. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have heard of the company. A reputable local roofing contractor will have a positive reputation among the people in the building trades and individuals for whom they have done work.


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