Lifetime Windows and Siding

Why Lifetime Windows and Siding are Nonexistent.

While lifetime windows and siding are appealing, they are unfortunately nonexistent. That’s why people regularly replace and repair their windows and siding. If you don’t know a lot about windows and siding, continue below to learn why lifetime windows and siding are nonexistent.

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Paint Chips, Peels, and Cracks: Paint is one of those substances that chips, peels, and cracks over time. It doesn’t matter if you use a $5 paint or a $50, your paint will eventually chip, peel, and crack. This is due to an array of factors, such as weather. But, it’s mostly due to time. While old paint might seem like an easy fix, this usually means the rest of the window or siding is beginning to deteriorate. That’s why it’s just better to repair or replace the entire window or siding.

Inclement Weather: One of the main reasons why lifetime windows and siding are nonexistent is inclement weather. Regardless of window and siding technology, inclement weather will always interfere. Since we can’t control the weather, there will always be extreme temperatures that mess with materials, wind that cracks windows and siding, and severe storms that destroy windows and siding.

Rotten Wood: This next reason why lifetime windows and siding are nonexistent is due to a few factors. Wood plays a significant role in strong windows and siding. Regardless of the main material you use, you will most likely use a wooden material for some aspect of your windows and siding. Unfortunately, wood is like paint and rots over time. Other factors, such as excess moisture and inclement also contribute to rotten wood.

Foundations Age: Foundations are the most important part of homes. Just think about it, you would never be able to have a durable home if your foundation wasn’t also durable. Unfortunately, foundations are also prone to time and inclement weather. As years pass by, your foundation will become old, cracked, and even uneven. This will cause the entire structure of your home to shift and age. That means your windows and siding will shift and become loose, regardless of the materials you used.

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