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Hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor.

Here at Evergreen it is not uncommon for us to ask how much you are looking to come away from your home once sold if that is the case. We want to make sure you reach your goals, and if we can make it happen we can. Because we know that stuff is important. We got into the roofing business because we enjoy it, and some of the best moments we have are those in which we get to kid back and forth with our clients and help them get to where they want to go with their home. Yes, we want to make money, because that is a necessity, but the roofing business to us is a bit more serious to us than that. We believe that it is not only about being a licensed roofing contractor, but being the best licensed roofing contractor.

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Hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor is like getting in the car with a person who has never driven before. It is just a bad decision, unless it is your job, and in if that is the case God bless you.  We hope that when you are considering a new roof replacement or a roof repair that you will be cautious and ask the right questions because if not, you could wake up somewhere hanging upside down with the radio blasting to Tay Tay (AKA Taylor Swift).

Needless to say, a licensed roofing contractor is the way to go and choosing the right one can be a tricky process. Choosing the right Charlotte roofing contractor should really boil down to how much they value your home. Hands down!

We do not think that the piece of paper representing our license allows us to be the best roofers Charlotte NC has ever seen, but it does provide us some a foundation. However, we mostly let our work and our reputation speak for itself because let’s face it, we are pretty amazing and we are not afraid to say it. If you allow us to your licensed roofing contractor, you will be utterly surprised about the efficiency we operate with, and we look forward to raiding up your roof.


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