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How to Install Gutters.

If you’ve had storm damage to you home, if your home somehow doesn’t have gutters at all, or if they’ve experienced some other form of damage such as mold or animal damage from birds and squirrels, you’re probably wondering how to replace or install gutters. To cut to the short of the matter, it’s a bad idea to do-it-yourself your gutters unless you’re a seasoned professional. There are many things you can do yourself to your home, and gutters aren’t one of them.

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Why Gutters are Vital: It’s important to understand why and how gutters are vital to any structure with a roof. Due to the angles and edges of roofs, the rain from the entire surface area of a roof will likely run off into one or two specific places. When gutters aren’t involved, this water will be corrosive to the foundation and soil under the overhang. Thankfully, gutters exist to control run-off and its location, ensuring the safety and longevity of the foundation of the structure.

Gutter Install: A gutter install project is a delicate one. Tall ladders and minuscule parts are both involved, which is a recipe for disaster unless the installer is a seasoned construction professional, who’s used to climbing ladders and proper safety procedure. Additionally, a gutter install project must be executed to perfection. Otherwise, cracks can appear between pieces of gutter and rain will leak through, completely defeating the purpose of a gutter in the first place.

Basically, a gutter install process is not only tedious, but it can be dangerous and even completely pointless unless done expertly. It’s easy to become injured or for the project to be done poorly unless executed by a professional, so it’s best to just say “no” to this DIY project. So how do you install gutters? You call a seasoned professional, and you have you gutters installed professionally.


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