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There are so many types of siding to choose from, and it can be difficult to determine which is best for your home and household. Some are cheaper up front, but they require more maintenance in the long run. For example, wood siding can be extremely affordable for some homeowners, but it can be costly to repaint every five or so years. However, stone siding is extremely expensive on the front end, but requires little to no maintenance whatsoever once it’s installed, saving money on the back end. So how do you choose the best siding for you? Here’s an option that proves to be best for many homeowners, and it’s the overall most inexpensive siding to date: vinyl siding. Here are some factors that makes vinyl the most inexpensive siding, both on the front and back ends.

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It’s Cheap :Fact of the matter is this: vinyl siding is cheap to install. While it can range in price depending on which type is chosen, it will almost always be cheaper than wood siding and will always be cheaper than stone siding. Vinyl is one of the cheapest building materials because it’s man made, it’s easily accessible, it’s not very labor intensive to install, and it’s light-weight which means it doesn’t require any additional support beams or a stronger foundation.

It’s Durable: Siding isn’t only cheaper than other products, making it the most inexpensive siding on the front end of costs, but it’s also more durable than many. While stone and brick will last practically forever, wood siding can be quite fragile and even susceptible to termite damage and storm damage. It must be repainted every five or so years, and can lose its texture and integrity unless properly protected and cared for. Vinyl, on the other hand, while not as durable as stone, is very much more durable than wood siding. It is extremely long lasting unless damaged by fallen trees and limbs that hit the home, or extremely inclement weather, and doesn’t ever require maintenance like painting and staining.

It’s Maintenance Free: Speaking of maintenance, imagine a product that doesn’t require paint or stain, and tends to repel mold and mildew. That’s right. Vinyl is the most maintenance free product to date. Wood siding requires staining every two years or a new paint job every five years. Brick and stone may require much less maintenance than wood, but its rough and cool texture tends to attract mold and mildew that can be labor intensive to wash. Vinyl, on the other hand, has a smooth texture that attracts the sun’s warmth and repels mold and mildew for the most part. While it isn’t completely impervious to mildew, especially on a cool, dark side of the house, it grows far less mold and mildew than other types of siding.

It’s easy to understand how vinyl is the most inexpensive siding all around. While it isn’t best for some homeowners, and while some homeowners are willing to sacrifice on price and convenience to have a more upscale or timeless look, vinyl is a very inexpensive siding option that requires very little work, and can still offer a very beautiful aesthetic for most home design styles.


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