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The Key Red Flags You Should Not Ignore When Hiring a Roof Contractor.

Remodelling your home is one of the most demanding projects you can ever undertake. Regardless of the house roof replacement cost, it is one of the most important remodelling projects you should carry out soonest possible. Replacing the roof on your home not only improves the beauty and elegance of your property; it can also increase the value of your property exponentially. This is particularly important if you are remodelling your home to sell. To avoid the stress associated with such a project, most of the homeowners renovating their homes hire contractors to source the required materials and install the new roof. This is actually the right course of action, but has your entrusted this great task to the right person?

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Many of the guides online will tell you how to find or hire the right roofing contractor, but only a few uncover the warning signs that a contractor is not ideal. Here are a few red flags you cannot afford to ignore when hiring a roofing contractor.

The Contractor is Not Insured: All general construction services should be insured. Although accidents are rare during roof installations by professionals, what will happen, if something happens while the contractor is working on your project? Particularly, the contractor you hire should have a liability insurance to cover for any injuries incurred to the employees while installing your roof or replacing your siding.

The Contractor Does Not Have portfolio: Basically, a contractor has to start their career somewhere. However, a contractor that is new to the market hence does not have a portfolio, should be open about it and disclose this to you. If a contractor has been in business for some time, but does not have a portfolio to show, you probably should not hire him or her for the project. In most cases, this means that the contractor is hiding something from you, and definitely it can’t be a good thing,


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