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Charlotte, NC Home Remodeling.

Shows like Fixer Upper on HGTV network, and websites like Pinterest and Houzz, have drastically increased the public’s interest in home remodeling over the last five or so years. As it turns out, homes that lack luster can be brought to a new glory with just a few loving touches, and Charlotte, NC residents aren’t missing out on this trend. The need for home remodeling in Charlotte, NC has been drastically rising, especially as Charlotte continues to grow and flourish, and here are some of the biggest Charlotte, NC home remodeling trends.

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Exterior Remodeling: Everyone wants a home with a nice curb appeal. The state of a home’s exterior says a lot about its interior, and there are some extremely simple touches that can be applied to amp up an exterior in no time. Charlotte, NC home remodeling trends have been focusing on simple remedies like a fresh coat of paint or an added stone or brick accent in a gable or on a protruding wall of the home, and this can make all the difference in a home’s curb appeal.

Landscaping and Lawn Care : Something that had often gone unthought of in Charlotte, NC home remodeling projects is the landscaping area of the home, until recently. Homeowners are taking greater care to ensure the landscaping around their home is as pristine as the home itself, and they’re realizing that a few very simple solutions can drastically alter the landscaping plan and aesthetic on a property. A beautiful landscaping plan doesn’t have to be elaborate, and can include a just few very simple touches like bushes and sod.

Interior Remodeling: Home trends have taken a turn in the last ten years, and many Charlotte, NC home remodeling projects focus on bringing the interior up to date. Brass fixtures and vinyl sheet flooring are a thing of the past, and homeowners are turning to new trends like black stainless steel fixtures and wood grain tile flooring to bring a modern edge to their homes. Cool paint tones are exceedingly popular, beautifully accented by a warm wood floors and flowing drapes to add soft textures against clean lines.


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