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7 Tips for Home Exterior Remodeling.

A complete home exterior remodeling project can be overwhelming. There are so many specifics to consider when remodeling the exterior of your home. That being said, continue reading to learn seven tips for home exterior remodeling!

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Don’t Do It Yourself: Regardless of your budget, the size of your house, and confidence, do not attempt to remodel the exterior of your home by yourself. To put it bluntly, attempting a home exterior remodeling by yourself is unwise and unsafe. There is an array of things that could go wrong. Instead, choose the safer, smarter, and more affordable route and hire a contractor.

Research: Even if you hire a contractor, you should still research and find as much information as possible about home exterior remodeling. This will make it easy for you to work alongside your contractor to create the exterior home of your dreams. Some of the things you should research are:

  • Average prices of materials and labor in your area.
  • Inspiration for your remodel.
  • Different material options.

Consider Maintenance: It’s easy to find a material you think is aesthetically pleasing. But, sometimes the required maintenance is unfavorable. For example, exotic wood is a custom and aesthetically pleasing material. Unfortunately, it requires a ton of maintenance. With exotic wood, you have to clean it more often than other materials, as well as seal it and watch for any signs of deterioration.

Also, maintenance can be expensive. Even some affordable material options require a ton of maintenance. Ultimately, this could make the price of a more affordable material eventually more than an initially expensive material.

Understand Different Grades: Typically, there are two different grades of materials: builder grade and architectural grade. While there is a debate whether or not the quality is truly different between the two grades, there’s a general consensus that builder grade material is more basic, simplistic, and cheaper than architectural grade materials.

Splurge When Necessary: If you’re on a budget, you should be able to identify areas where it’s beneficial and almost necessary to splurge a little bit. For example, you should never settle on a window material just because it fits in your budget. Instead, opt for the stronger, more resilient, and more durable window material that costs a little bit more, and ditch your plans of a fancy, yet unnecessary, glass stain.

Consider Design: Ultimately, the exterior of your home should reflect the interior design of your home. For example, if the interior of your home is styled with a modern design in mind, the exterior portion of your home should stick to monochromatic colors with a sleek and clean design. It’s important to stay consistent with your design throughout your entire remodeling.

Hire a Contractor at the Right Time: If you want to maximize your chances of hiring the perfect contractor that can give you their undivided attention for a great price, you should consider hiring a contractor during the winter instead of the summer, which is the popular remodeling season. Since everyone wants to remodel their home during the summer, contractors are busier and more expensive.

If you’re interested in hiring a contractor for your home exterior remodeling, consider hiring Evergreen Construction Solutions. Evergreen Construction Solutions is committed to providing phenomenal services and materials at an affordable price.


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