Hardi Plank Siding

Pros and Cons of Hardi Plank Siding.

Hardi plank siding, also known as cement board siding, is one of the most popular siding materials. Like anything, hardi plank siding has its advantages and disadvantages. So, continue below to learn about the pros and cons of hardi plank siding!

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Lifetime: One of the most beneficial aspects of hardi plank siding is its lifetime. This material lasts for approximately 50 years, and even comes with a limited transferable warranty. Thus, your material is guaranteed to last for approximately 50 years.

Appearance: Most people choose this material because its appearance is attractive. Cement board siding can mimic almost any type of material, such as lap boards, shake siding, and cedar shingles. Also, you can choose virtually any color for your material.

Resistance: This type of material is extremely resistant to a variety of factors. For example, cement board siding is mostly resistant to rotting and insects. Also, it is fire resistant. Seriously, research any cement board siding incidents related to fire. Almost every story documents the material being fire resistant.

Installation: Since this type of material is heavier than typical siding materials, it requires a lot of labor and skill to install. That being said, whoever installs this siding material needs to have the proper expensive equipment and enough skill and experience to install the material properly. This could be an issue for people who are unskilled and unexperienced, or are on a budget.

Maintenance: Even though cement siding material is extremely durable and has a long lifetime, it needs to be regularly maintained. The general upkeep of this type of material requires more than the typical soap and water. One of the main ways to keep this type of material in good condition is to repaint it on a regular basis.

Cost: Lastly, one of the biggest cons of this type of material is the cost. Since this siding material requires the proper installation from a professional and a ton of maintenance, it costs more than average siding materials. But, this siding material is worth the extra cost, installation, and maintenance.


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