Halloween Roofing Nightmares

Eggs are Just as Destructive.

Hooligans might throw eggs onto your roof on Halloween. The eggs will break and splatter all over the shingles. To replace the shingles, select a roofer from a list of roofing companies. Egg damage is visible from the street, and the smell of eggs might enter the home.

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Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday, but there could be unexpected accidents. For example, the roof might catch fire. This would be the ultimate trick. The perfect treat is a list of roofing companies.

Silly String Ruins the Roof’s Appearance: Silly string was invented in 1972.  It is a mixture of components that are dispersed from an aerosol can. It can travel dozens of feet, and it has a string-like shape and consistency. The mixture consists of a polymer resin, plasticizer, a surfactant, and other ingredients such as a silicon fluid, flame retardant, and color pigments.

Fires Might Erupt from a Candle: If you place candles on the roof, it might start a fire, especially if there are other decorations on the roof. About 41 percent of fires that involved decorations, between 2006 and 2010,  were started by a candle that was to close to the decorations, according to the National Fire Protection Association. If a fire does start, put it out with a hose or call 911. Then, select a roofer from a list of roofing companies.

A propellant is also used to eject the contents from the can. Two chlorofluorocarbons were used – Freon 11 and Freon 12. These chemicals damage the ozone layer and were banned in 1978.

If silly string is shot onto the roof, you won’t be able to remove it without a ladder. If you don’t have one, contact a roofer from a list of roofing companies.


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