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When the recent hail storm hit Charlotte, NC, we were away from home on vacation. We weren’t even really thinking about hail damage when we returned because many homes in our area were not damaged and our friends were not talking about roof inspection. We proceeded to make plans and go about our business like we had no hail damage for several weeks. When our insurance adjustor called to ask if we needed a roof inspection, we felt like the answer was definitely negative, but we agreed to have a roof inspection for hail damage anyway. There was really no risk associated with it, though we did have to take time out of our schedule to allow the inspector to access the roof.

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We were shocked to find out that our roof had hail damage and needed to be replaced! From the ground view, it appeared to be fine but had actually sustained pretty severe hail damage and, in the event of more rain, would have been leaking into our attic and creating even more damage. We were thankful we had agreed to a roof inspection!

We called Evergreen Construction Solutions as one of the roofing contractors we were pricing, and they turned out to be the best as far as quality and with working with our goals. We had so many family plans going on during the weekend that we need to have the repairs done, and we were concerned about having our hail damage fixed while our grandkids and visitors were in the house. Evergreen Roofing worked with us on this point and kept us appraised of the situation the entire time. The biggest inconvenience we faced was having all the kids stay inside, but it ended up that while they were fixing our hail damage we ended up taking a walk to the park.

We were glad that we agree to have a hail damage roof inspection even though it didn’t seem like we needed one. Finding the right company helped us to get our home repaired through our insurance in the fastest time frame possible.


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