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Things to Know Before a Gutter Install.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re preparing for a gutter install. With a variety of specifics and design options, it can be hard to understand the difference between everything. So, continue below to learn a few things you should know to make your gutter install easier.

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Differentiate Between Materials: Although it might seem trivial, the type of material you use is extremely important. That’s why it’s important to be able to differentiate between materials before your gutter install. Typically, gutters are made out of vinyl, aluminum, steel, or copper.

Priced at $3 to $5 per foot, vinyl is the cheapest material available. In addition to being the cheapest material, it is also the easiest material to manipulate. Although vinyl is price and labor efficient, as well as continuously available, it is one of the least durable materials during the winter. Unfortunately, vinyl tends to break during colder temperatures.

Slightly priced higher than vinyl, aluminum costs $3 to $6 per foot. Since aluminum is still moderately priced, most people choose this material. Other perks of aluminum include its resistance to rust and the various colors it typically comes in.

The next material, steel typically comes in two options: galvanized or stainless. Galvanized steel is priced at $8 to $10 per foot and becomes rusty around the 20 year mark. Although galvanized steel is more prone to rust, it is one of the most durable materials available. As for stainless steel, it costs approximately $20 per foot. But, stainless steel comes with all of the advantages of galvanized steel, as well as the resistance of rust. Between the durability and strength the steel, this is a popular material in areas with inclement weather.

Finally, copper is the most expensive material. Priced at $12 to $25 per foot, copper is argumentatively the most durable material available. It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials. Unfortunately, this shiny and aesthetically pleasing aspect is only short-term. As copper ages, it tends to turn into different colors, such as brown, purple, and green.

Importance of Shape and Size: Another thing homeowners should be able to recognize before a gutter install is the importance of shape and size. The shape and size of your gutter is ultimately dependent upon how big your home is and how much rainfall your area typically receives. For reference, gutters usually come in either a U-shape or K-shape and are around 5 x 6 inches.

Pitch is Critical: Pitch is also an important thing to understand before a gutter install. If a downspout is placed too steep or smooth, the entire structure could collapse or improperly work. Typically, downspouts have a slope of ½ inch in relevancy to every horizontal run that is 10 feet.

Additional Options: If you live in an area that experiences a ton of inclement weather, you might want to consider purchasing an add-on for your gutter. Popular gutter add-ons include screens, barriers, and even hybrid structures.

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