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Why Gutter Cleaning in Charlotte, NC is Important

Let’s face it: a lot of homeowners aren’t aware of the importance of gutters. After all, who really knows the ins and outs of gutters accept for professionals? That being said, it’s important to educate yourself on why gutters are important and how to take care of your gutters. Like any other aspect in your home, gutters have to be regularly maintained and cleaned. If you neglect to properly clean your gutters, you could experience one or even a few of the following issues!

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Leaking Basement:Do you have water problems in your basement, but have not found a believable reason why you have those problems? If so, you most likely have clogged gutters. If gutters get clogged, water can overflow and eventually soak up your basement. That’s why gutter cleaning in Charlotte, NC is especially important. Since most homes are surrounded by trees and other plants, there is more of a chance of pines, twigs, and other natural elements falling into gutters. This is what mainly contributes to a clogged gutter.

Cracked Foundation: Let’s just say that a cracked foundation is the first step to a long list of serious problems. Like a leaking basement, a clogged gutter can contribute to a moist foundation, which ultimately turns into a cracked foundation. A cracked foundation can cause an array of issues and cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Rotten Wood: Like previously discussed, one of the reasons why gutter cleaning in Charlotte, NC is so important is because of the naturalistic area. Since there is a variety of flora and fauna in Charlotte, and the area is prone to inclement weather, it’s easy for gutters to become clogged. When moisture builds up towards the upper portion of a gutter, the moisture will soak into a home’s roof and framing. Most homes are built with some type of wood products. And what happens when moisture targets wood? If you guessed rotting, then you’re correct. Wood becomes rotten when met with moisture, which unfortunately costs thousands of dollars to fix.

Pest Infestations: If you still aren’t convinced why gutter cleaning in Charlotte, NC is important, take a second to think about this issue. It’s no secret that bugs are attracted to moisture. Since forgetting about gutter cleaning in Charlotte, NC usually leads to clogged gutters, this also means that there is excess moisture, which in turn means pests are more attracted to that area. One day you might discover a variety of things living in and around your gutters, such as mosquitoes, plants, and even birds.

Cracked Driveway: Neglected gutters can also lead to a cracked driveway. Since neglected gutters are typically clogged and loose, water is more prone to back up, overflow, and irregularly flow. Typically, this results in moisture building up on your driveway. And like everything else, moisture destroys driveways. Your driveway could become cracked and even start to sag.

A great way to avoid all of these situations is by cleaning your gutters. If you don’t want to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional for your Charlotte, NC gutter cleaning, such as Evergreen Construction Solutions!


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