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Evergreen Construction Solutions – Tips to Take Care of Your Gutters.

Evergreen Constructions Solutions is one of the leading construction companies in the Charlotte area. We love helping our customers find more satisfaction in the value of their homes through our quality work and through providing you with advice that can empower you to do some elements of home maintenance yourself, whatever your degree of comfort with doing this type of thing yourself.

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One area that homeowners tend to overlook is gutter maintenance. After a storm or other weather, your gutter system needs to be checked. Evergreen Construction recommends that you do this on a regular basis to prevent your gutter from becoming clogged. If the leak is too frequent, it can cause your home’s foundation to be damaged or other aspects of mold or rot that would warrant costly construction.

If a gutter routinely leaks around the edges of your foundation, the ground will erode due to lake of proper drainage. This will weaken your foundation, even causing cracking over time. You do not want flooding and leaks due to a simple problem of a gutter being too full to do its proper job. We have helped many customers with construction tasks that could have been avoided.

The humidity level in your home can also rise if the ground around it is too wet due to gutter clog or malfunction. This type of environment can allow mold to grow on the inside or outside of your home. Removing this mold is probably one of the most annoying home chores you could do, and in extreme situations you may have to call Evergreen Construction Solution to do the cleaning and removal for you. You do not want to have the health problems that certain types of mold can cause.

If you gutter system becomes clogged, it can damage the wood that holds it together. If your home has siding or other vulnerable wood, it can also be damaged. Evergreen Construction Solutions does not want you to have to pay for extra repairs that regular gutter maintenance can easily prevent.

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