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Roofs and Murphy’s Law

Roof problems do not wait for a time that is convenient for you. Sure, it would be nice if leaks only occurred when the weather was nice and you could wait a few weeks for a roofing contractor to repair your roof. However, that is not how life works. Murphy’s Law applies, which is, “what can go wrong, will go wrong”. The second part of Murphy’s Law, and less well known, is that the unfortunate event will happen at the worst possible time. So, when the snow storm comes and causes a tree to fall on your roof, thereby causing extensive damage, you need an emergency roofer. Making matters worse, you have plans to leave town, now you have to secure your house so additional damage will not occur.

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Solutions Not Excuses: Evergreen Construction Solutions understands that life happens. The professionals at Evergreen Construction Solutions will not offer excuses, they will offer solutions. You will receive prompt attention from roofing professionals.  The emergency roofers will work to repair your roof in a quick and orderly manner. The first objective will be to erect a temporary barrier over the damaged portion to prevent further damage to your house and belongings. Evergreen Construction personnel also understand your house is not just a building, it’s your home.

Evergreen Construction will work with you to get your roof repaired so that your home and belongings are safe from the elements. Evergreen also understands insurance adjustors need numbers and will assist you in getting the estimates and cost figures you need to satisfy your insurance company.

Emergency Roofers of Evergreen Construction Solutions Respect Your Home: When a storm damages your roof, you do not need excuses. You need an emergency roofer who will offer solutions and help. Evergreen Construction Solutions may not be able to prevent Murphy’s Law from occurring. However, they will work diligently to minimize the inconvenience you experience and get you back in your home safe and dry. Therefore, if the roof on your house is damaged the week you planned to leave on a skiing vacation, the emergency roofers at Evergreen Construction Solutions will repair your roof and respect the fact they are working on a home, not just a building.


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