Different Styles of Vinyl Siding

Different Styles of Vinyl Siding for That Ultimate Appearance.

You probably are aware that vinyl is currently one of the top-selling exterior home building materials today and if you are looking for that ultimate aesthetic appeal for your home, you should consider the different styles of vinyl siding. Whether is it the first siding installation of just a replacement project, any of the experienced installation contractors will tell you that vinyl siding will offer your home the appeal of natural wood. While this is the case, vinyl does not require as much maintenance and repair as wood does to retain its natural appearance for a long time. The popularity of vinyl may also be attributed to the many colour and style options it offers. In this regard, here are some of the main vinyl styles you should consider.

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Clapboard/Horizontal Lap Vinyl Siding: This is one of the three main categories of vinyl siding styles. Lap vinyl siding is available in different styles of vinyl siding, some of which include.

Traditional Lap Siding: This option comes in broad and long planks. They are installed in an overlapping manner to give your home a wedge-shaped profile, when viewed from one side.

Beaded: This is a horizontal siding style. The panels used in this case have a rounded groove/notch along their bottoms. These are more expensive, as compared to traditional lap vinyl siding.

Dutch Lap: Just like the traditional lap siding style, the Dutch lap vinyl siding boards are designed to overlap. However, these overlap at a steeper and sharper profile angle.

Vertical Siding Styles: Traditionally, vertical vinyl siding options were only used on barns and farmhouses. However, their application has spanned out to various types of homes to give the home a rather unique appeal. Again, there are different styles of vinyl siding in this category, such as.

Board and Batten: This Vinyl exterior decoration option uses long, vertical boards that are attached to your home by battens, which then should cover the seams.

While these are the main types, with regards to different styles of vinyl siding, you can also get vinyl siding in shingles and shakes, such as the cedar shakes and scalloped shakes or the half-round shakes. With help from your preferred contractor, you should be able to choose the right one for your home from the many different styles of vinyl siding available today.


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