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Evergreen Construction Solutions Are Available for All Davidson Roofing Needs.

If you live in Davidson NC, Evergreen Construction Solutions is available to serve all of Davidson roofing needs. Our home office is located next door in Charlotte, so we are immediately available to Davidson NC.

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A Quality Company: At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we take pride in delivering a quality product and treating our customers with respect. We also place a high premium on conducting business with integrity. Because of our high ethical standards and dedication to customer service, we have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have also been screened and approved by Home Advisors. Home Advisors screens include criminal and financial checks on the company and the principals of the company. When you hire a company screened by Home Advisor you can be assured the company is legitimate. The following Home Advisory site provides the criteria used in screening a company.   Moreover, Evergreen Construction Solutions has a top rating from Home Advisor’s customer reviews.

The Better Business Bureau and Home Advisor both look for companies that conduct business in an ethical manner and serve the needs of their customers. We are proud that we have the endorsement of the Better Business Bureau and the Home Advisor.

New Homes and Older Homes: Evergreen Construction Solutions is available for all Davidson roofing needs. That includes construction of a roof on a new home, routine repair work, or emergency repair work on a damaged roof. I f you are building a new home, we will take the extra care to give you the roof that you want. A quality roof is needed to protect your new structure from the elements. Without a quality roof, moisture can seep into the walls putting your new home at jeopardy before you have moved into it.

For the older homes, roofs often have to be replaced and repaired. At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we are happy to sit and discuss the best way to solve your Davidson roofing problems.  Roofs must be functional, and we will discuss the best way a roof installed by Evergreen Construction Solution can meet your needs.

If your roof is damaged by a storm, or some other emergency arises, Evergreen Construction Solutions is available to help you. In addition, when we say help you, that is what we mean. We are in business to help our customers, not gouge them at a vulnerable time. Therefore, if your roof is damaged, you can be certain that we will meet the Davidson roofing needs with professionalism and integrity.

However, more than just function is involved. Davidson is a beautiful town and we know the residents take pride in the appearance of their homes and the town. We also take pride in our roofs. We want our roofs to complement the beauty of your home and the Town of Davidson. Evergreen Construction Solutions is available to meet all Davidson roofing needs.


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