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Queen City’s Building Industry.

Charlotte, North Carolina, the state’s Queen City, is one with its own unique architectural style and trends. Unique in the fact that it has homes that were built over two hundred years ago, yet had a large boom over the past century bringing in new structures over the decades, Queen City’s building industry has the opportunity to crown Charlotte builders who achieve excellence as the best through its various competitive awards and accolades.

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Renovation:  Some of Charlotte’s crowned builders are known as the best in the local industry for renovations. This market is extensive in the city, as many homes were built long enough ago to warrant renovation to meet the tastes and preferences of their current homeowners. Whether it’s by bringing a mid century modern home into the contemporary era with updated finishes and eclectic touches or completely gutting an old colonial home to start with scratch, Charlotte’s best renovation specialists have earned their keep up one Charlotte’s crown builders.

Repair Contractors:  Part of Charlotte’s most important building industry sectors are repair contractors. They keep homes in good condition, ensuring the safety and longevity of homes through routine maintenance, repair work, and more. Homeowners are glad to add repair contractors to the ranks of Charlotte’s crown builders as they expertly perform repairs and replacements of all kinds.

New Home Builders:  There’s a growing market for new homes in Charlotte as more people flock to the city from all over the nation, making the best new home builders in Queen City some of most important crown builders in Charlotte. While types of home builders can range from custom to production home builders, their mission is the same: to match new or growing families to the Charlotte area with their perfect homes in which they can flourish and thrive, contributing to the overall community of Queen City and the surrounding area.

Charlotte has some of the best builders around, and each of these excellent craftsmen are deserving of the recognition of crown builders of Charlotte. They’ve earned their crowns like a tiger earns its stripes: with heard work and dedication aimed at serving their clients and customers with integrity and exceptional results.


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