Craftsman siding

The Influx of  Craftsman Style.

Craftsman style homes overtook the new constructions of the 1920’s through the 1940’s. Attention to clean details was paid to these bigger and better homes, more common to the everyday man. Simplistic geometric shapes meant that the everyman had the opportunity at style as florals and swirls gave way to geometry and minimalism. This phenomenon can be seen again in craftsman and contemporary styles, making craftsman siding and contemporary metals meet to create the most popular home styles of today.

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Choosing the Perfect Craftsman Siding: Original craftsman homes found visual texture by way of elements like wood shakes siding and board and baton details. These examples of craftsman siding are some of the most common exterior finishes in modern home styles, bringing about a renaissance in craftsman siding and other craftsman details. Wood shakes siding is an affordable way to add layers of interest, utilizing nature and geometry to add depth, making it a trend accessible by all. Now, however, craftsman siding like board and baton, wood shakes, and thick lap siding can utilize other materials like vinyl and cement to mimic wood in a more durable, long lasting fashion. These products each offer a unique facet to the homeowner, while still maintaining a beautiful façade.

Exterior and Interior Details: The Craftsman Renaissance doesn’t leave style to craftsman siding alone, but permeates all aspects of the home. While Victorian or Roman style mansions might utilize swirling carvings and scrolling excess, tapered craftsman columns capture a more simplistic visual element: sophisticated, yet understated style. Using simpler means to add style anywhere in the home is a staple of craftsman and contemporary style alike, where simple geometric decor or natural-stained wood furniture can make a statement about style that used to be reserved for the fiscal elite.

While craftsman siding is one of the most distinguishable elements of a traditionally craftsman home, other details can echo the era while embracing a contemporary identity.


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