Cost of Shingle Roof Replacement

How is the Cost of Shingle Roof Replacement Arrive At?

Just as is the case with the other roofing materials, the cost of shingle roof replacement is not a constant figure, but rather varies from one project to another based on various aspects. This is why a professional contractor will first visit your home to have a look at the project before offering you the quote. While there are many online calculators to help you ascertain the cost of roof replacement, none will be accurate because the roofing conditions and requirements vary from one home to another. To arrive at an accurate cost estimate for your shingle roof replacement project, these are some of the factors that you need to consider.

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How Damaged was the previous Roof?: You may not have thought of it, but the type and extend of damage on your previous roof can also affect the cost of shingle roof replacement. How, you must be wondering; if the roof had a roof leak that went on unchecked for a while, chances that you have a rot or mold growth underneath the roof. You cannot have a solid roof installed on support structures that have been damaged by water. Since you have to incur additional cost for the new structures, the overall cost for the replacement project will also increase.

The Size and Slope of the Roof: It is obvious that the bigger the roof on your home, the more the cost of shingle roof replacement. However, do you know that the slope of your roof can also affect the roof replacement project? The steeper the slope of your roof, the more difficult it will be for the replacement professionals to move about while replacing the roof. In such a case, the contractors will tell you that your roof is “un-walkable”, hence will require additional safety equipment. This will, in turn increase the overall cost of shingle roof replacement.



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