Cost of new roof and gutters

How to Determine the Cost of a New Roof or Gutters.

When there’s damage to your home, or if it requires routine maintenance, anxiety can ensue for many homeowners. Regardless what kind of savings you have set aside for these events, knowing a huge expense is coming can cause stress. However, knowing about what kind of monetary commitment you’re in for can help relieve anxiety, because nothing is scarier than the unknown. Although it’s possible to estimate these costs without the help of a professional, here are some factors that contribute to the cost of new roof and gutters. At least you can get an idea about whether you’re in for a top-dollar project or if yours will be on the low end of the spectrum for the cost of new roof and gutters.

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Type of Gutters and Roof: The type of your gutters and roof largely drive the cost of your project. A complicated roof line with expensive clay shingles will cost much more than a single-pitch roof that uses standard architectural shingles. More expensive shingles are more labor intensive to install, as well, which drives up the cost of installation on top of the cost of supplies. The same goes for gutters. A standard metal gutter system is much cheaper than a rain-chain system, and a larger roof means larger gutters which are expensive and cost more to install.

Location: Your location is a large driving factor in your cost of installation and materials. Because cost of living varies from city to city and state to state, so does the cost of new roof and gutters and installation. For instance, if you live in New York City and require a new roof, your cost would be significantly more than what you would pay in Charlotte, North Carolina. Likewise, if you live in a rural area surrounding Charlotte, you’ll have access to cheaper suppliers and installers than if you lived within the heart of Charlotte.

Installer and Supplier: While installers who specialize in complex roof and gutter structures may charge more per hour of installation, due to the specialized nature of most of their clients’ homes, installers who specialize in simple projects may charge less for supplies and installation. Because of this, the cost of new roof and gutters can vary from installer to installer. It’s best to choose someone who specializes in your particular type of project so that your price will be handled accordingly.

In summary, it can be daunting to have to repair or replace exterior fixtures, but knowing the factors that drive cost of a new roof and gutters can help you to make an more informed decision. Fear comes from the unknown, and having knowledge under your belt will make it easier to talk to both contractors and suppliers.


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