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Long term home ownership comes with many joys and blessings, with memories of family weathering trials together. It also comes with an assumed cost – the wear and tear of weather taking its toll on the outside of your home, including your roof. When you find that your roof needs to be replaced, a shingle roof replacement is typically more affordable. Asphalt shingle is also a versatile, stylish option for the average homeowner who wants a nice-looking, fully-functional roof for a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

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A shingle roof is chosen by many a homeowner, making it the most popular choice in the United States. The cost of a shingle roof is affordable and proven to be durable. Asphalt shingle is also readily available throughout the country at a cost you can afford. Contact us at Evergreen Construction Solutions to ensure that you have a high quality of workmanship for the installation of your shingle roof.

Evergreen Construction Solutions is a trusted construction company that is extremely skilled in shingle roof replacement at a cost you can stomach. We can consult with you to determine how much your shingle roof replacement will cost and also help you work with insurance and other financing options. Size of the roof will be a factor in cost, and we can work with you on a price-per-square inch figure that we are both comfortable with.

Another factor in the cost of a shingle roof is the pitch, or angle, of your roof along with what type of complications may be included in your shingle installation, such as having multiple dormer windows or other interest features. A steep pitch will typically cost more because of the safety implications for our crew.

We can also work with you to select a shingle quality and look that you can afford and be happy with. We want your future memories in your home to take place under one of our beautiful, new shingle roofs.


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