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How to Tackle a Home Renovation in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, NC is a bustling city full of homeowners who value home design. That being said, it seems like everyone is renovating the interior of their homes during the winter and the exterior of their homes during the summer. If you’ve never planned a renovation, you might feel overwhelmed about where to start. So, continue reading for a short guide on how you can tackle a home renovation in Charlotte, NC!

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Create a Mental Plan:Before looking at pictures, establishing a budget, or meeting with contractors in Charlotte, NC, create a mental plan. Take a second and sit down with the members of your household. Have a discussion of what you think needs to be renovated, and your general ideas for the renovation. This will help you determine whether you’re going to tackle a full-fledged household renovation or if you’re just going to renovate certain areas of your home.

Establish a Budget: Once you have a general idea of what you want to renovate, establish a budget. Obviously, the overall price you end up paying is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as labor and materials. But, you can research average prices of contractors in Charlotte, NC, as well as average prices for construction materials. This will help you create a budget. If you feel really overwhelmed or lost while creating your budget, you could always think about a large pricing interval you want to stay in or create a list of things you want to save on and other things you’re willing to splurge on.

Look for Inspiration: After establishing a general budget, start looking for inspiration. You can find renovation inspiration in a variety of ways. You can visit interior design stores with mock rooms for general inspiration or flip through home design magazines. If you really want to find inspiration, use the internet to your advantage and check out websites like HGTV, HomeAdvisor, Better Homes, and Pinterest.

Comprise Ideas: The last step to take before searching for contractors in Charlotte, NC is to comprise your ideas. You want to be able to show your contractor a plan with a general set of ideas. So, compile all of your ideas in the most efficient way for you. If you found inspiration solely on the internet, you could create a photo album on your phone, or use a Pinterest board. If you want to have a physical representation of your ideas, you could cut and paste pictures to create a mood board or store pictures in a binder.

Search for Contractors: Lastly, search for the best contractors in Charlotte, NC, such as Evergreen Construction Solutions. It’s important to remember that you should be able to trust your contractor. So, make sure to interview every prospective contractor. Ultimately, your contractor should be able to collaborate with you to turn your renovation dreams into a reality.


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