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When it comes to housing siding, there are so many options that it can be a daunting task to even pick your favorite. But knowing where different options stand on the scale of cheapest house siding to most expensive house siding, and knowing how different options can benefit your design style and choice for your home, can make the selection process much easier. Here are the most popular options – vinyl, cement or composite wood, wood, brick, and stone – listed respectively according to price and how they can benefit your home’s style and aesthetic.

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Vinyl Siding: The overall cheapest house siding option is by far vinyl siding. It comes in a variety of styles and can fit many aesthetics. While it isn’t ideal for luxury homes, as it can detract from the value of an extravagant home, it’s perfect for smaller homes and for people seeking a low-maintenance option that offers many colors and styles to match almost any aesthetic all but flawlessly.

Cement or Composite Wood Siding: Developments in wood-look siding have come as far as to successfully mimic it completely, through the likes of cement or composite wood siding. These options are the second cheapest house siding in this list, and they offer board and baton, lap, and shake siding options, which are more convincing as a wood alternative than vinyl siding. They tend to hold paint for about fifteen years, which makes them much more persevering than real wood siding but a bit less so than vinyl.

Wood Siding: Wood siding can range greatly in cost and style, varying in style from real stained cedar shakes to painted board and baton wood siding. Any real wood siding adds a classic element to any home, adding dimension and texture to the exterior, while accommodating any array of colors of paint and shades of stain.

Brick Siding: Brick siding is the second least cheapest house siding available from this list, but provides the least amount of maintenance, even out-performing vinyl siding. It can literally last centuries when cared for properly, and provides a classic look to any home that will never be outdated.

Stone Siding: As the least cheapest house siding option from this list, stone siding is usually just an accent on homes that utilize either wood, wood composite or concrete, or vinyl siding on the rest of the home. It can add beautiful, natural dimension and texture to homes, especially cabin-style homes that aim for a warm, homey feel.

All these sidings are great options for many peoples’ homes, and they can be mixed and matched to create the perfect aesthetic for your personal taste and preference. Whether you choose the cheapest house siding or the most expensive, if you choose the right kind it will create a home that you’re proud to show to your neighbors and visitors alike.


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