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Charlotte is known as being the queen city.

which means we at Evergreen want to be known as the Charlotte roofing company that are the kings of roofing. We take roofing charlotte NC very seriously and even more so connecting with our clients. The roofing industry can be at times something mundane and not very warming. I believe it is that way because being a roofer we are often times at a residence for only a day and so truly connecting with our clients can be difficult sometimes.

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Therefore, we want to make this year (2017) a little bit interesting. I have owned this Charlotte roofing company for a couple years now, and have been on a lot of roofs, completed a lot of roof replacements, roof repairs, and roof installations, and I want to spend time with my clients this year. Truly connect with them. Now as I write this, my crew is currently looking at me thinking, “this is all an elaborate plan for him to stay on the ground, while I hang from a roof and risk my life.” Well you know what guys? You are absolutely right! That is definitely half the reason. Seriously though, connecting with our clients is a big deal, and I have found not only are there great relationships to be made, but it will allow us to truly make an imprint with our customers, and help them with any other project that they might have down the road, regardless of whether it involves us or not.

Communicating with people has helped our business grow, but I realize that through the hustle and bustle of things I do not get to do it very often, and I believe that it will allow our company to grow, and be considered the best Charlotte roofing company this city has ever seen. We not only want to acquire our customer’s business, but we want to make a lasting impression on them… Something that says, “holy mess man, that dude is lit” … or whatever that means… (I heard some kid say that the other day, and I was just trying to be cool … please don’t bully me.)

We take pride in being the best Charlotte roofing company, and we want people to think of Evergreen when they think Charlotte roofing. When we do come out to your residence, remember that you have full permission to give me a hard time about anything, and that you can always talk local towards me. We aim to make our customer’s happy, and most of all, make a long-lasting connection with them.


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