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We at Evergreen Construction Solutions have been operating as Charlotte roofing contractors for six years now.

We are looking to conquer the roofing industry and then move on to adding more services. The roofing industry has been quite good to us these past few years. We have made Charlotte NC our area of operation and have made the queen city our home. We have been adding value to people’s homes with our roofing expertise in the Charlotte area for some time now.

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Following the housing market crash, there were a lot of people that could not afford to put on a new roof replacement in the Charlotte NC area, but nowadays people are loosening their grip on their pockets and things are looking up. We have seen a slow, but steady growth in our industry, and we are quite excited about it. With the recent uptick in the economy, more and more people are searching for our services, and we are keeping up and getting busier by the second. One of the hardest things about our job is finding quality roofers in Charlotte NC that know the business like we do and can keep up with us.

With the housing market crash, a lot of people went out of the business and hung up their tool belts, which left the industry short-staffed across the board. This left the integrity of the industry somewhat lacking, and I believe that it has struggled to keep up with the increase in demand for some time now. I am hoping that the new educational reform starts to re-implement trade school projects and classes so that we can re-instill our values back into the home improvement community.

We are constantly interviewing people left and right, but a lot of times we decline their application, because we are not just taking anyone. We hire only the best Charlotte roofing contractors, because we know that our customers expect the best from us. We are starting to look at better payment options for our employees as well, so that we can attract top-tier talent.

We look at the Charlotte NC roofing industry as a puzzle, and we know that there are many different pieces, but it takes all of them coming together to make magical picture. When we decided to stay in business through the recession, we knew that we would have to be ready for a shortage in quality workers, but also that we would have a high demand for Charlotte roofing contractors that share our same pursuit of perfection.


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