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The Ins and Outs of Insurance.

Evergreen Construction Solutions, a reputable Charlotte roofer, would like to offer some tips for filing a roof replacement insurance claim. This is a time when you may be feeling a lot of distressed emotions, depending on the cause of the need for replacement. If your home has been damaged by severe weather event, you may feel traumatized or worried about your family’s safety and being able to handle all of the financial aspects of the roof replacement. Working with a Charlotte roofer and keeping it local is one way to ease your  concerns. If you keep to some basics, the process should be fairly easy.

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Contact your insurance to discuss what parts are covered and which parts are not. Sometimes it depends on the age of the roof when it is damaged. If so, then you will only be reimbursed for the depreciated value of your roof before the damaged occurred. Other policies work with you for damage regardless of the age or will only cover the damaged section to be replaced. No matter what type of insurance issue you have, being prepared with knowledge will help you know what to say when you contact your Charlotte roofer to begin repairs.

Your insurance company will want documentation about why you are filing this claim for the need for a Charlotte roofer to replace your roof. Have some before photos of your home so that you can compare them to the after photos. Keep track of any estimates or invoices that you receive from a Charlotte roofer you work with during the process. As you provide these to your insurance, in makes the process faster and more streamlined.

Choose a Charlotte roofer that understands insurance expertly. The roofer will provide the estimate for your Charlotte property, and they will ideally help you in your communications with your insurance. Most certified roofers have done this many times and can be a valuable asset to your peace of mind throughout the process.

Be proactive about the situation. It’s your roof that is damaged and your investment that is in jeopardy. Find out what you need as soon as possible. Check your roof yourself when possible, even before you have a chance to contact a Charlotte roofer. That way you will be empowered with the knowledge you need to move forward when talking with insurance adjusters.


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