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A roof replacement isn’t for the faint of heart and isn’t a job for anyone. Highly trained and professional roofers are a must when it comes to such a large home improvement project or a commercial property roof replacement. Evergreen roofing prides itself on being your local roofing company, serving you with honest and reliable services contact Evergreen Roofing Services Charlotte NC. Our team keeps pricing reasonable and fair for all your roof replacement needs. Evergreen Roofing suggests getting a roof replacement for your residential or commercial property about every five years, although it could be longer. Commercial properties are much more complex than residential ones. Having your roof inspected is a great way to understand where your roof sits as far as its lifespan. Contacting a licensed and insured roofing company, like Evergreen Roofing, is the best way to ensure quality service with satisfaction guaranteed for your home or business.

Charlotte experiences a variety of weather conditions, from hot summers to cold winters. Your roof needs to withstand all that comes it’s the way. Sure your roof may be strong enough during the rain or snow season, but how long will it last? Enduring harsh weather conditions means your roof is more susceptible to damage as it may become weaker. If you are the owner of a commercial property, it is especially important to begin a roof replacement before it becomes a problem. Residential properties are no different. If you feel your roof may have been damaged or just would like to know where its integrity stands, contact us today in order to avoid any unwanted situation.

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Before you move forwards with a roof replacement you’ll want to determine whether you need a new roof at all, or if only a repair is necessary. Look at the age of your roof. Most roofs need to be replaced around 30 years or so. Depending on the type of materials used some may last longer but it’ll also depend on the condition. Think about whether or not your current roof has any damage. Sometimes it may be cheaper to replace the entire roof than deal with multiple repairs. Weighing the pros and cons will help you make the final decision to replace your roof.

The color of your roof is another step in the process. When choosing a color you’ll want to take into consideration several different factors. Geographical location is one of those factors as the sun will play a role in the way your home will look. Where you live will determine whether the sun will cast a warm or a cool hue onto your home; the more North you go the cooler the hue, whereas moving further South you’ll get a warmer one. Choosing a color to compliment this will create a pleasing aesthetic. You’ll want to choose a color that will not only compliment your home but your neighbors as well. It’s important to understand that darker colors will absorb heat which may impact your energy savings. Our team at Evergreen Roofing will stand by you through the entire process. From choosing the roof that works best for you to budgeting and financing options, we’re here for you until the end.

There are a variety of roofing materials on the market today and here at Evergreen roofing, we provide them all. Materials will vary from each other with respect to the quality, design, features, and price point. It’s always important to choose the materials that are right for you and your budget. Be sure you do your research when making your decision, but our highly trained professionals can help point you in the right direction. The size of your budget will largely impact the type as some materials are more expensive than others. Your new roof type should also be such that it will withstand the weather in your area. For instance, some materials are naturally slippery which helps snow and rainfall without much effort. These materials are ideal for areas of heavy rain and cold climates. When choosing a roof there may be a certain aesthetic you’ll want to achieve, however, it may not be realistic if it is not able to withstand extreme weather such as high winds or heavy rains.

Roof replacement may be necessary due to a variety of different events; age or irreplaceable damage. Intense weather and poor quality construction can damage your roof very easily. The most common cause of roof damage our team at Evergreen sees is the design. Roofs that do not have an angular design create a variety of problems. An angular roof with a slippery material will allow water and snow to slide easily so it won’t puddle, potentially causing leaks in your home. Proper drainage systems and pipes are also essential for proper roofing. Here at Evergreen, we can handle it all. Feel free to contact us today for a no obligations quote. We are more than happy to send one of our highly trained experts to do an onsite evaluation and provide a quote.


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