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Every year homeowners fall prey to various scams by unscrupulous roofing contractors. Since the nature of a lot of repairs is that they need to be done quickly in order to prevent greater damage. In Charlotte, NC, you need to rely on a roofing contractor with integrity.

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In Charlotte, NC, a roofing contract with no credentials or with a spotty reputation will sometimes prey on inexperienced homeowners, going to lengths that are somewhat unheard of. Though a homeowner may have little experience, there are still ways to avoid common scams. Many are unlicensed, mysterious, and sometimes high pressure with their sales tactics as they amble door-to-door in Charlotte, NC, offering their roofing contract services.

One thing to beware of is to never pay the down payment to an unknown roofing contractor until after the work on the house has begun. Some companies will take advantage of this situation by running away with the check and never being seen or heard from again. They prey on those with an insurance check in hand ready for repairs to start, but then the repairs don’t happen. After supplies are delivered to your home, you can safely assume that work will begin. You never have to do business with a roofing contractor that demands payment before starting your project.

Also, be wary of Charlotte, NC, roofing contractors that go door-to-door looking for business and promising a free roof after an inspection. Often, they are taking advantage of people that have experienced a storm or other inclement weather, and if they do not find enough damage to make a sale, they will sometimes create it. There are certain companies that go door-to-door that are safe to work with, but you have to go the extra mile to verify them. Do not begin work with a roofing contractor that has contacted you in this way until your own insurance has also checked everything out to make sure that it is verifiable.

Another type of Charlotte, NC roofing contractor to avoid will have a special deal available at a startlingly low rate and try to use high pressure bargaining with the homeowner to sign a contract right then and there. Sometimes this contractor will even show up unannounced if the area is having a lot of roof work done. The roofing contractor will do anything to get the homeowner to sign a contract without really doing research, or making demands that both decision makers have to be there for the consultation.

The bright side to a weird encounter with any of these types of roofing contractors is that you can ask them to leave your property if you feel uncomfortable. No matter the degree of pressure or guilt that they try to instill, you do not have to listen to their sales pitch. And as Dave Ramsey would advise, you should not ever make a money decision without carefully planning and budgeting. Someone who insists that something has to be done “now” is not treating you ethically.

Any Charlotte, NC roofing contractor who is working with integrity, such as Evergreen Construction Solutions, will not need to resort to these sort of tactics and will give you the time and space you need to do your research, talk with your family, and make the financial decisions that are right for you.


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