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There’s a new roofer in town! Ok, they’re not new, but Evergreen Construction is taking the roofing industry by storm, handling the roofing and more needs of Charlottians of every type. Evergreen has seen it all and we’ve done it all, and we’re committed to serving every need of our customers from top to bottom. Here’s how we do it.

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It Starts With Insurance: If your need for roofing stems from damages caused by a storm or tree fall or other unforeseen disaster, we can cover your experience from the beginning. We deal with insurance companies so our homeowners don’t have to, sending the insurance company a direct quote and dealing with their negotiations. It’s unfortunate that some people need an advocate with their insurance agency, but when insurance agencies become a hassle we can step in. We want to ensure that each customer has the best experience they’ve ever had with a roofer, and this begins with insurance.

Our Customer Service is Great, Too: We continue your excellent experience with excellent customer service. We are committed to serving each homeowner as if we we’re working on our own homes. We understand how valuable your home is to you, and we will ensure that your every concern you have is payed special attention from the time it leaves your lips. We promise to take your project seriously and to keep you involved every step of the way.

We Can Handle Anything: One of our most important aspects is our ability to handle any and every situation. We have decades of combined experience, and we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen the most complicated damages and repaired the most damaged roofs in our history, and we’ve installed the most unique of roofs with the rarest materials. We guarantee that no matter your home’s issues, we will can fix it, repair it, or replace it.

We Do More Than Roofing: We also ensure our customer’s prime experience by offering more than just roofing expertise. We also install windows and gutters, and can perform repairs to both. We know that a natural disaster often leaves more than roofs in disarray, and we don’t want our customers to have to worry about hiring multiple contractors for a job we can handle for them. We aren’t just the best Charlotte, NC roofer, but we are the best all-around for exterior home repairs.

It’s easy to see with we at Evergreen are the best Charlotte, NC roofer. We value each customer and we want their experience to be top-notch the whole process through. We can handle anything, and we do more than just roofing. Our customer service is excellent to boot! So don’t miss your chance to call the best Charlotte, NC roofer at Evergreen Contracting!


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