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Why to Perform Charlotte Gutter Cleaning.

It can be oh so tempting to ignore cleaning your gutters. Your life becomes hectic and busy, especially during the Thanksgiving and Holiday season, and it’s easy to let the leaves pile up while the festivities commence. However, allowing the leaves to go unchecked can cause serious problems, making it vital (especially in a climate like Charlotte’s with plenty of deciduous trees) to either clean your own gutters or find an experienced Charlotte gutter cleaning service to handle it for you. Here are some of the consequences of avoiding your Charlotte gutter cleaning for too long.

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Mold Buildup: When leaves build up, moisture can linger inside them long after precipitation ends. Once a gutter is clogged, it will harbor water, allowing it to mildew and mold. The terror of mold is that, if left unchecked, it can spread to any nearby damp surface, which can put your entire home at risk. For instance, if even one section of your gutter system becomes clogged, water will stand and become a cesspool of moisture which allows molds to fester and spread.

Insects and Spiders: It goes without saying that spiders and other bugs love to live in dark, untouched environments, and leaf-cluttered gutters are an ideal location for them to create many demon-spawn that will plague your home. It’s best to keep your gutters leaf-free so that they can never find a habitable location in which to make a home in your gutters.

Nests for Critters: Aside from spiders and insects, other animals love to take up residence in clogged gutters as well. A gutter clog can prevent water from flowing to other parts of your gutter system, providing a safe place for birds and squirrels to nest free from rain-flow during storms. They can peck and pick away at your gutters, causing lasting damage to entire sections of your gutter system.

These reasons and more all contribute to reason why you should either empty your gutters yourself or turn to a Charlotte gutter cleaning service during the leaf-fall months of October and November. Preventing leaf-related damage is much more cost and time effective than dealing with the consequences of long-term gutter clogs, because prevention is easier than maintenance.


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