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4 Types of Charlotte Contractors.

Charlotte is a region of North Carolina rich in architectural history, each neighborhood telling its history through its residential and commercial buildings. Here are four of the main types of Charlotte contractors, each having a specialty and expertise.

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Custom Home Builders: Custom home builders are prevalent in affluent neighborhoods of Charlotte, building homes to the exact specifications of their homeowners. While not every custom home is lavish or luxurious, every custom home owner has been willing and able to put much of their time and investment into working with a custom home builder to design and build a custom home. Charlotte is growing, allowing booming business for home building Charlotte contractors, especially custom home builders.

Production Builders: On the other side of home building is the production builder. These Charlotte contractors build hundreds or thousands of homes, usually with a variety of three to four floor-plans. They work to develop neighborhoods with new homes, perfect for families and perfect as starter homes. Charlotte is becoming increasingly flooded by young professionals looking for this type of residence, making Charlotte contractors of the production variety increasingly popular.

Repair and Renovation Contractors: Charlotte began its growth over a century ago, meaning many of the homes have had sufficient time to grow in need for repairs. Some require extensive renovation or repair work, meaning the repair contractors of Charlotte have plenty of work to do. While some homes are renovated to meet certain taste preferences, others require repairs due to storms or old age, and professional Charlotte contractors are ready to make repairs in their specialized areas. Some contractors specialize in general renovations while others have a specialty in ceramic tile or roofing, leaving plenty of options for Charlotte homeowners.

Trade Contractors: Trade contractors can be an extension of renovation or repair contractors, but often work closely with general contractors to bring a large project together. During large projects, like a new build or an extensive renovation, a homeowner or general contractor will orchestrate many trade contractors who have a very specialized field of construction. These Charlotte contractors can be electricians, HVAC specialists, grading contractors, or can specialize in any other field of construction.

No matter the contracting need, Charlotte has it met. Custom home builders, repair and renovation contractors, production builders, and trade contractors work together to form the Charlotte contractor sector, alongside other types of Charlotte contractors.


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