Cedar Plank Vinyl Siding

Cedar Plank Vinyl Siding.

It’s no secret that vinyl siding has come a long, long way in the past years. Where it was once a poor man’s alternative to beautiful siding, it’s now a durable option for any style choice. Vinyl siding can come in an array of styles and colors, but one of today’s most popular is cedar plank vinyl siding. This option comes in many neutral and natural tones, mimicking the oh-so-popular wood look that’s increasingly common in many design styles.

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Durable: Vinyl siding is known for being durable. Due to its accessibility and low maintenance upkeep, it’s the perfect option for someone who doesn’t have the time or ability to perform routine touch ups. However, new innovations in vinyl siding has rendered it almost indistinguishable from other types of siding, depending on the application and style selected.

Wood Look: As natural wood looks become more popular in the design industry, vinyl siding has kept pace with its cedar plank vinyl siding options. It’s easy to fake a wood look with this visually interesting option, which comes in an array of patterns, styles, and price ranges. This siding can be a great accent on an otherwise boring home, or it can be applied to an entire home for a beautifully textured look.

Affordable: Because cedar plank vinyl siding is made of vinyl and won’t be easily worn or damaged, it’s a very affordable option compared to alternative materials. It’s one of the cheapest ways to cover a home, and its zero maintenance reputation means that no costly re-painting or re-staining will ever be necessary.

As you can see, the affordability, believable wood look, and durability of cedar plank vinyl siding makes it an extremely attractive option to many homeowners. It also comes in a vast array of color and style options, making it perfect for any design style and preference. It’s easy to understand why cedar plank vinyl siding has gained so much traction in past years, and it’s sure to offer many more developments and become even more attractive in times to come.


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