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Is there a difference between regular roofing, and Carolina roofing…? We at Evergreen think so for many different reasons, and there are a few reasons why.

Carolina roofing companies really know their stuff. Not to be cocky or anything, but we are good at what we do. We like what we do, and being on a roof in the schizophrenic weather of the Carolinas is one of the best places in the world in our opinion. One minute you could be sitting in the warm sun at a balmy 70-degree day with low humidity and a cool breeze, and the next it could be hailing with a slight chance of “holy crap we need to get down from this roof right now.” Whatever the case, the point is, we are ready for anything, because we simply have to be. It kinda’ comes with the territory.

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On a more serious note, we know the price points for this area. We know that the cost of living changes from city to city, and so we quote it that way, and we are familiar with all areas of the Carolinas no matter how bad the Panthers play. True fans cheer for their team no matter the stench, and that’s really how we quote roof repairs and roof replacements. We do not let the fact that we have yet to win a Super Bowl get us down, because we are too busy raising up your roof… see what I did there (wink face).

To get really serious… (shrug shoulders) we know what we are doing, and we know how to handle the biggest of roofing emergencies. We know that when you call, you are in need of a service that we provide, and we will work hard to pursue perfection. With that said, we have a good relationship with our vendors, and can get really competitive with our prices. We may not be the lowest, but we will do the best job, because we know that other states do not have as strong of winds as we do… If that makes any sense… (if it does let me know how, and I will smile and nod)

Lastly, Carolina roofing companies like us have a sense of humor if you hadn’t noticed. It is not uncommon that even though we may only see you for a day that we will have an inside joke before leaving your home. And when you see us in the movie theater while the movie is playing, by all means bring up that inside joke obnoxiously, because we will in fact laugh with you while simultaneously rolling our eyes because… dude we are trying to watch this movie.

Hopefully after reading this you will know why you should chose a Carolina roofing company like Evergreen Construction over some other roofer that is just not that funny.


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