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Types of Charlotte, NC Builders.

Builders in Charlotte, NC can range in service and size, and there are dozens of types of builders in Charlotte, NC. However, the types of builders can be categorized in four different categories: custom home builders, home remodelers, roofers and exterior repair contractors, and production builders. Here are the qualifying elements of each of the four types of Charlotte, NC builders.

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Custom Home Builders: The custom home builder in Charlotte, NC is the builder that offers unlimited options, selections, floor plans, and locations. A custom home builder will build any plan on any lot (space and elevations allowing) and doesn’t limit his homeowners to a certain set of selections. When homeowners are ready to build a dream home with access to every selection on the market, they choose a custom home builder. Their prices are higher than other types of builders, but their selections and attention to detail are limitless.

Home Remodelers: Many homeowners don’t wish to build a new home, but they do want to bring their current one into a more modern style and layout. This is where remodeling builders in Charlotte, NC come in handy. They’re able to evaluate a layout and existing finishes, and they can help homeowners redesign their homes in whatever capacity. Some homeowners decide to completely gut a building and start from scratch, while others just wish to change some cosmetic features for aesthetic purposes.

Roof and Exterior Repair Contractors: Roofing contractors are often able to handle more than roofing, because siding, gutter, and window repair often goes along with roofing replacement and repair. Charlotte, NC builders who specialize in these types of repairs are often licensed both commercially and residentially, and because their area of expertise is limited to four or five areas, they’re highly knowledgable in what they offer. They can identify needs for repairs and replacements, and they can orchestrate an entire exterior home renovation if necessary.

Production Builders: Charlotte is becoming increasingly urban, which means more and more people are beginning to populate the area. Because of this demand, production builders have popped up, developing thousands of thousands of homes in many communities. Charlotte, NC builders who specialize in building many affordable homes quickly are known as production builders. They develop areas with many close-together homes, and they build their homes quickly and efficiently. Their homes aren’t as durable or of as good quality as a custom home builder, but their homes are more affordable and suit new families or ones that plan to relocate in several years perfectly.


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