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When you are thinking of buying a home, you can most certainly expect that you the home you are purchasing will need some repair. Charlotte, NC is a beautiful area with some homes with character and class, but with that comes a bit of age and things you may not want to live with in your forever home.

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It’s difficult to decide when to discuss repairs with the seller. What kind of things can they be expected to fix? You want to make sure that your negotiations aren’t halted, but you also want to make sure that all the repair gets done, including whatever needs to happen after closing.

It’s best to get an inspection prior to requesting any repairs in Charlotte. Find an inspector with a good reputation to check all of the major systems of the house. Concerns should be focused on wiring and electricity, heating, pipes, roof repair, and the foundation of the home. It is unwise to request repairs that have more to do with personal tastes that with safety and home value. To each their own, and you can paint that mauve bedroom wall yourself. It should not be a bargaining chip. Rather, focus on roof repair or the tricky plumbing your inspector finds. If you are especially concerned about roof repair in Charlotte, you may have to hire a specialist to inspect it, since some inspectors do not cover that type of assessment.

You should be sure to request any home repairs before closing, ideally a long time before closing. It is best to have all of the work, including the roof repair, finished before the closing date. If they are finished before then, you can send an inspector out to make sure they have been completed correctly. In Charlotte, make sure that you have promises for repairs after closing well-documented so that the seller has to keep their promises in that regards. You don’t want to be holding onto a house in need of roof repairs that are not being competed due to a breach of contract.

Sellers will often complete repairs because they want to sell their home! If an inspector documents the need for roof repair in Charlotte on a home, that repair is now out in the open and the homeowner will not be able to sell to anyone without telling them about the issue. It’s better to work with you and have a sale with some roof repairs than to pass and have to search for another potential buyer.

If you are not satisfied with the work that has been done, you can always pass. You have a bit of sway because of the fact that so much money will have been invested in the changes that have been made, whether they are quality or not. It’s best to work with a lawyer if you have a situation like this.


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