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My Bad Day – a testimonial .

I woke up feeling a little off physically. We had just moved into a new home, so I figured that it was due to the fact that I had been moving all of our boxes into our new home. My husband and I had argued about the asphalt shingle roof replacement cost of the home prior to buying it, but believe me, this was the farther thing from my mind when I woke that morning. Sore muscles was all it was, in my mind.

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My son was cranky that morning as I made breakfast. While he was eating, I looked over the papers my husband had left on the counter about the asphalt shingle roof replacement cost. I thought about how we had argued about the roof replacement. The roof was streaked and ugly looking, and I believed that we needed to get those ugly old asphalt shingles replaced right away regardless of the cost because, hello, this is our brand new home! We found a home with a near-faultless inside, so replacing the asphalt shingles shouldn’t be such a big deal if it’s our one renovation cost on move in.

My husband had contacted a few companies to check their asphalt shingle roof replacement costs, including Evergreen Construction Solutions. That was the paper that I looked at primarily as my son ate his dry cereal while watching an episode of Wild Kratts. My son seemed like he wasn’t feeling that great either.

It was hard for me to focus on the data about the asphalt shingle roof replacement cost because I realized I had developed a headache. The types of shingles my husband had chosen seemed okay, but I wasn’t sure if he was choosing the best or trying to make the replacement cost lower. He also had written that he wasn’t sure it was necessary or if we just needed a spray clean.

My son just kind of laid there and didn’t finish eating. He didn’t seem like he felt too great, which I knew that I didn’t feel very good either. We sat on the couch watching TV, and I thought about the asphalt shingle roof replacement cost and the argument and also about what I would need to do about our current state. I wanted to call my husband to see if he was feeling okay, but I knew he had to get back to work after we had moved in the day before.

That by the end of the afternoon, my son was so sick looking that I took him to the doctor. While we were there it started raining. I worried about a lot of different things. When I found out my son had the flu. When we finally got home during the horrible rain story, I was sitting in the kitchen and found that there was a leak from a spot that had looked perfectly fine when we were looking at the house and hadn’t been mentioned in the inspection.

I grabbed the phone and called my husband. By the end of the day he had agreed to allow Evergreen Construction Solutions come check out our roof and attic so that we could fix whatever we had missed in the home inspection that was causing the leak. The asphalt shingle roof replacement cost ended up being within our budget. My husband didn’t like spending the extra money, but it did make our house look beautiful since I got to pick out the shingle color that I liked and we fixed that leak along with another place that was vulnerable.


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