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Everything You You Need to Know about Architectural Shingles.

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What are architectural shingles?: Architectural shingles are a type of shingle that is used for roofing and has premium grade. Since the 1970s, these type of shingles have also been referred to as dimensional shingles and laminate shingles. People often use architectural shingles when they want a higher-end appeal.

What makes architectural shingles different than regular shingles?:There are a few differences between architectural shingles and regular shingles. Just by looking at the two shingles, it’s obvious that architectural shingles are thicker than regular shingles. Also, the overall way the two types of shingles are crafted is different. For example, regular shingles have three tabs, which act as grooves, and are typically placed in flat rows. On the other hand, architectural shingles are less smooth and are typically placed in layers.

Cost: Since this type of shingle is premium grade, expect to pay the highest price. Typically, architectural shingles cost approximately 25 percent more than regular shingles. But, since architectural shingles cost a ton of money initially, you can expect to see a better pay off in the future. For example, architectural shingles typically have a lifespan that’s 50 percent longer than typical shingles. Also, the stylistic and luxurious appeal of these shingles ultimately boost your property value. So, the initial high cost of architectural shingles is worth it.

Conclusion:Since architectural shingles cost a high price, you are going to need a flexible budget. But, if you can get over the high cost of these shingles, it’s worth it. Ultimately, architectural shingles are more attractive and last longer than other types of shingles. This will help diminish repair costs, as well as raise your property value, which will be helpful if you ever decide to sell your house.

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