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How to Find Affordable Windows and Doors?

It’s no secret that windows and doors are expensive. After all, it makes sense. Your windows and doors are important barriers between your home’s interior and external factors. But, you don’t have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on windows and doors. Continue reading to find out how you can find affordable windows and doors!

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Look for a Certain Grade: If you really want to find affordable windows and doors, look for windows and doors that are builder grade instead of architectural grade. The difference between builder and architectural grade windows and doors is ultimately requirements. Builder grade only satisfies the minimum amount of requirements it has to in order to be sold. On the other hand, architectural grade goes above and beyond minimum requirements. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean builder grade windows and doors have poor quality.

Skip Extra Features: Let’s face it: the more intricate and unique your windows and doors are, the more expensive they are. So, if you want to find affordable windows and doors, just skip all of the extra features. After all, do you really need a laminated glass or different shade of glass? These are just design elements you can eventually add in the future.

Negotiate: Yes, negotiation is possible. In the window and door industry, retailers practically expect customers to negotiate prices. This is one of the easiest ways to find affordable windows and doors. Just make sure you practice your negotiation skills!

Choose a Cheaper Material: This tip is obvious. Of course cheaper materials are going to result in an overall cheaper price. Vinyl is usually the cheapest material. After vinyl, comes fiberglass. Wood is typically the most expensive material. Long story short, stay away from wood if you’re on a budget.

Pick a Common Style: If you really want to keep the price at a minimum, choose a common style. That means avoiding bay, craftsman, and any other unique style.

Avoid Specialty Dealers: Specialty dealers are people who only sell a specific brand. While this has many benefits, it is not beneficial for price. Unless you’re looking for the cheapest window or door from a specific brand, you should avoid specialty dealers.

Hire a Professional: If you have trouble finding windows and doors in your price range, consider hiring a professional such as Evergreen Construction Solutions. A professional will be able to guide you to the best styles and materials, as well as help you find the best prices.


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