Affordable Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

With an influx in affordable alternative siding, like hardy plank and composite wood siding, many homeowners have mistakenly assumed that affordable vinyl siding is a cheap material of the past. After all, it fades with sun exposure, it doesn’t look expensive, and it can’t be repaired once damaged. This makes it undesirable, right?

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Wrong! As other materials have decreased in cost and increased innovation, the truth is that so has vinyl siding! Affordable vinyl siding comes in many shapes and textures, and it’s become much more realistic-looking as an alternative to wood siding.

Vinyl Shakes: Affordable vinyl siding in the form of shakes is difficult to distinguish from real cedar shakes, and could fool even the most trained eye from the road. These vinyl shakes can add an interesting element to an exterior as an accent, or can bring the entire home into a warm cabin aesthetic effortlessly. These shakes come in a range of natural tones to simulate stained cedar shakes, and they add visual interest on a home that seems dull or plain.

Lap Siding: Vinyl siding is traditionally used in the form of lap siding, but until now vinyl has been distinguishable as a plastic material, coming in a recognizable arched surface. However, vinyl siding is now available in a wood-look shape and texture, and is difficult to tell apart from painted wood or composite wood siding. It comes in many painted colors, ranging from neutrals to brighter tones like blue and red.

As you can see, affordable vinyl siding has come a long way in aesthetic and selection choices in the past few years. It’s gone from an affordable, yet unattractive, alternative to better siding, and has become an attractive option for homeowners everywhere. With wood-look vinyl shakes and wood-look lap siding, each ranging in many color options, to choose from, affordable vinyl siding has become much more than a cheap man’s alternative. It’s now a visually interesting alternative to more expensive, less durable forms of siding.


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