Affordable Siding Options

What Are the Most Affordable Siding Options?

When it comes to exterior siding, options can range from very affordable to extremely expensive. While the cheapest vinyl siding can cost merely one to two thousand dollars for a decent sized home, stone and brick options can be much costlier. Let’s explore siding options, from the most affordable siding options to some more extravagant choices.

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Vinyl Lap Siding: The most affordable siding options by far are of the vinyl lap siding varieties. Vinyl is the most durable and the cheapest of all siding choices, and it can withstand many weather conditions that would cause serious damage to other types like wood siding. However, if it becomes weathered or faded and a cleaning job doesn’t make it look like new again, it must be replaced. Even so, it has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance, which means it isn’t only cheaper on the front end but can save money on the back end by avoiding costly paint or stain jobs as routine maintenance.

Wood Siding: Wood siding is a fairly affordable siding option. While it isn’t as affordable a siding option as vinyl lap siding, it has a timeless look that can last generations if cared for properly. While vinyl siding is rejected by many homeowner’s associations, wood is normally perfectly fine for all homeowners. Wood siding can come in many shapes and sizes – board and baton, lap siding, and shakes – and, depending on the type of wood, can be a very affordable siding option for many homeowners.

Concrete Siding: Concrete wood-look siding has gained much traction over the past years. It’s more durable than wood siding, but it looks much more realistic than vinyl wood-look siding. While wood siding will hold paint for two to five years, concrete siding can often hold paint for nearly twenty years, minimizing maintenance and upkeep. It can come in as many styles as wood siding, and looks almost identical to wood when painted per homeowner specifications.

Brick and Stone Siding: By far the most expensive and least affordable siding options, brick and stone are the most durable and the most attractive siding options. Stone makes an excellent visual interest accent wall or foundation, while brick can make an entire home warm and welcoming. Both stone and siding require little to no maintenance and upkeep, aside from normal washing, and will last hundreds of years aside from a natural disaster.

There are many more types of siding, but most fall within these four categories: vinyl, wood, concrete, and stone or brick, arranged by least to most expensive. The most affordable siding options are of the vinyl variety, but each has its own pros and cons.


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